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Automatic heat-press type CA 1000

The CA 1000 Carousel Heat Transfer Printer with 4,6 or 8 independently controlled pressing stations is suitable to print all kinds of heat transfers.
Standard plate size is 50x40cm, making this an ideal machine for T-shirts, however other platen sizes are available.
Operation by foot pedal or automatic mode with programmable index time.
The CA 1000 IS CE certified and will meet or exceed worldwide safety and efficiency standards.
The Dual Mode control system is extremely flexible with manual operation by foot pedal or automatic mode with programmable index time.
•In the automatic mode the rotation speed can be set from 2 seconds to 60 seconds, and the machine will operate continuously by a timer.
•In the manual mode, the rotation is actuated with a foot pedal by the operator.
The direct drive system utilizes a large AC inverter motor with a gearbox.
There are no chains or sprockets.
Time, temperature and pressure is set individually on each of the six press Heads.
The standard carousel has got interchangeable 50 x 40 cm heated heads and bottom plates.
Special size plates are available for both top and bottom plates.
Actual esteemed reported production is 8.000 T-shirts per day using 3 operators, a dwell time of 15 seconds and a rotation speed of 3 seconds.

- All functions are controlled by PLC
- 4,6,or 8 independent stations with independent control of time, temperature and pressure
- 50 x 40 cm heated platen size
- Each station complete with electronic safety device
- Bottom loading platform indexes in/out of the heat zone for ease of on loading and off loading
- Quick-connect design for optional interchangeable top and bottom platen sizes
- Temperature range 0°-255° C

Dimension of plate: 50 x 40 cm; Current 380V + N triphase;
Max power consumption 16.200 KW; Temperatur range 30°C - 230°C; Time range 0-999,9 sec.;
Istalled power 16,8 KW -73 A; Pressure 0 - 600gr./cm2; Net weight 700 kg.

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